Red Sea Records was a survivor from the 78rpm era.  Red Seal first saw the light of day in 1902, as the flagship label of Victor records; its task was to provide lovers of Classical music with the best performances by the best artists of the time, and it succeeded handsomely.  As part of Victor, Red Seal moved whenever that company did, being sold by its founder, Eldridge R. Johnson, to bankers Seligman & Speyer in 1926, and then being sold on again three years later to the Radio Corporation of America.  In more modern times, Red Seal continued as RCA's Classical label.  It concentrated almost entirely on Albums, but occasionally a piece of music proved so popular that it was released as a single: the James Galway record pictured actually got to No.3 in the British Charts, in 1978.  The first few Red Seal singles shared the main RCA-2000 catalogue numbers, but in 1978 they were given their own their own RB prefix; the number part was shared with RCA's Pop singles, as were the company sleeves. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Boston Symphony Orchestra Death In Venice RED SEAL RCA 2108
72 London Symphony Orchestra Family A War Theme RED SEAL RCA 2169
72 John Williams Rondo From Duo In G RED SEAL RCA 2261
73 National Philharmonic Orchestra Of Human Bondage RED SEAL RCA 2311
73 Dr Teleny'S Goodbye To All That RED SEAL RCA 2325
75 Isao Tomita Debussy: Clair De Lune  RED SEAL RCA 2547
76 James Galway Russian Love Song RED SEAL RCA 2767
77 James Galway Arioso RED SEAL RB 5070
78 James Galway Annie´S Song RED SEAL RB 5085
78 Charles Gerhardt  Gymnopedies RED SEAL RB 5116
79 James Galway Song Of The Seashore RED SEAL RB 5190
80 Cleo Laine And James Galway How, Where, When RED SEAL RB 5246
81 James Galway I Started A Joke RED SEAL RB 5315
81 Galway James Brendon Chase RED SEAL PB 5318
81 Julian Lloyd Webber Ritual Fire Dance RED SEAL RB 5445
78 Tomita Star Wars RED SEAL PB 9207
78 Charles Gerhardt & N.P.O Princess Leia´S Theme RED SEAL RB 9222
78 Bjorling Jussi Pearl Fishers RED SEAL RB 9271
80 Tomita Laso Bolero RED SEAL RB 9498
80 White Robert  Danny Boy RED SEAL RB 9520

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