Independent Reggae label: Ray Records was owned by Ray Martell.  Ray's first release, Martell's own 'Working For My Love' (RA-01) came out in 1973, and was handled by Magnet - the Reggae company.  There was then a gap until 1977, and 'Falling In Love With You' by Martell Robinson - a pseudonym for Ray Martell.  This was numbered RA-077.  Three further singles by 'Martel Robinson' followed in 1978, with numbers taking up the original RA-0 series. Distributed By Ray Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Ray Martell  Working For My Love  RAY RA 01
73 Martel Robinson Lover RAY RA 02
73 Martel Robinson I Wish You Luck RAY RA 03
73 Martel Robinson Angelina RAY RA 04
77 Martel Robinson Falling In Love With You  RAY RA 077

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