Independent label from Cambridge, one of many labels which flourished and died in the Punk era: Raw Records was started in 1977 by record-shop owner Lee Wood, initially to make a single with local Punk band The Users ('Sick Of You'; RAW-1).  The success of that record prompted Wood to put more bands on vinyl: the Hammersmith Gorillas and the Killjoys among others.  The Gorillas single pictured was a reissue, which explains the '1974' on the label.  Raw never made money, and it continued only as long as Wood's 'Remember These Oldies' shop could subsidise it: that is, from 1977 to 1979.  Distribution initially was by that shop and by Lightning; a link-up with Creole Records in late '77 gave Raw major distribution through CBS, who handled Creole's products at that time.  The licensing deal was supposed to be for three years, but in the event it seems to have lasted for around six months, as mid 1978 saw Raw joining the Plastic Fantastic family of labels, at which point Pye took over manufacture and distribution.  A number of back-catalogue singles were reissued, or re-promoted, after each move, and some can be found with several different labels.  The pink label was the original one, and the black one belonged to an intermittent Rockabilly 'Fifties' series, while the label with '78' on it appears to have been used on non-Rockabilly issues from 1978.  The green label featuring a safety razor and the words 'Lee Wood's Raw Records' appeared on only a few records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Users Sick Of You RAW RAW 1
77 Hammersmith Gorillas You Really Got Me RAW RAW 2
77 Killjoys Johnny Won'T Get To Heaven RAW RAW 3
77 Creation Making Time RAW RAW 4
77 Soft Boys Give It To The Soft Boys [ Ep ] RAW RAW 5
77 Unwanted Withdrawal RAW RAW 6
77 Some Chicken New Religion RAW RAW 7
77 Lockjaw Radio Call Sign RAW RAW 8
77 Matchbox Troublesome Bay RAW RAW 9
77 Downliners Sect Showbiz RAW RAW 10
78 Riot Rockers Tennessee Saturdat Night RAW RAW 11
78 Wild Danny & Wildcats Mean Evil Daddy RAW RAW 12
78 Some Chicken Arabian Daze RAW RAW 13
78 Gorillas It'S My Life RAW RAW 14
77 Unwanted Secret Police RAW RAW 15
78 Miro Steve & Eyes I Like It RAW RAW 16
78 Some Chicken Arabian Daze RAW RAW 17
78 Salt Keep Your Mother Worrying RAW RAW 18
78 Lockjaw Journalist Jive RAW RAW 19
78 Gee Paul Gotta Keep Playing That Rock 'N' Roll (Not Issued) RAW RAW 20
79 Mystery Train The Sun Story RAW RAW 21
79 Nisa Ain'T No Angel (Not Issued) RAW RAW 22
79 Matchbox Gunnin' For The Dog/Put The Blame On Me (Not Issued) RAW RAW 23
79 Downliners Sect Blue Night (Not Issued) RAW RAW 24
79 Troggs Just A Little Too Much RAW RAW 25
79 Gorillas Message To The World RAW RAW 26
79 Faron'S Flamingoes Bring It On Home To Me RAW RAW 27
79 (Not Issued) RAW RAW 28
79 Miro Steve & Eyes Once Upon A Lifetime RAW RAW 29
79 Unwanted Memory Man (Not Issued) RAW RAW 30
79 Now Into The 1980S RAW RAW 31
79 Terry Karl & Cruisers 2 Hound Dogs RAW RAW 32
79 (Not Issued) RAW RAW 33
79 (Not Issued) RAW RAW 34
79 Ersatz Motorbody Love RAW RAW 35
79 Vice Leonard I'Ve Got Spots RAW RAW 36
79 Soft Boys Give It To The Soft Boys [ Ep ] RAW RAW 37

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