Raw Edge Records was a DIY label from the Punk / New Wave years.  Raw Edge was owned and run by the Outsiders, from South London, and it served as an outlet for that group's music from 1977-79.   It issued two LPs, 'Calling On Youth' (RER-001; 1977) and 'Close Up' (RER-003; 1978), and one EP, 'One To Infinity' (RER-002; 1977).  Rumour has it that the label was financed by the parents of Outsider Adrian Borland. Distributed By Raw Edge Records. The Outsiders were an English punk rock group, formed in 1975 in Wimbledon, England and consisting of singer-guitarist Adrian Borland, bass guitarist Bob Lawrence and drummer Adrian Janes the former two of which would go on to form the critically successful post-punk band The Sound. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Outsiders Calling On Youth (Album) RAW EDGE RER 001
77 Outsiders One To Infinity RAW EDGE RER 002
78 Outsiders Close Up (Album) RAW EDGE RER 003

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