Independent label: Rather Records operated from 1977 to 1980.  Rather was owned by Rock / Avant Garde band Swell Maps, from Solihull, and most of its releases were by that band.   It did better than most of its contemporaries by surviving for long enough to issue at least nine singles, the first of which was the Maps's own, 'Read About Seymour' (GEAR-1).  Some singles were released in collaboration with Rough Trade, and had two catalogue numbers, a Rather one and a Rough Trade one. The label design varied from record to record. Distributed By Rather Records. Swell Maps was formed in Solihull 1972 by teenage brothers  Epic Soundtracks (real name Kevin Paul Godfrey) and Nikki Sudden (real name Adrian Nicholas Godfrey) two Solihull based teenagers, plus Biggles Books (Richard Earl), Phones Sportsman (David Barrington) (guitar), John "Golden" Cockrill and Jowe Head (Stephen Bird)(bass/vocals). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Swell Maps Read About Seymour RATHER GEAR ONE
78 Treatment Steve 5-A-Sided 45 RATHER GEAR TWO
79 Swell Maps Dresden Style RATHER GEAR THREE
79 Cult Figures Zip Nolan RATHER GEAR FOUR 
79 Swell Maps Swell Maps (Ep) RATHER GEAR FIVE
79 Swell Maps Real Shocks RATHER GEAR SIX
80 Swell Maps Let'S Build A Car RATHER GEAR SEVEN
80 Cult Figures I Remember RATHER GEAR EIGHT
81 Phones Sportsman Band I Really Love You [ Ep ] RATHER GEAR NINE
81 Not Traced RATHER GEAR 10
81 Sudden Nikki Back To The Start RATHER GEAR 11
81 Not Traced RATHER GEAR 12
81 Not Traced RATHER GEAR 13
81 Not Traced RATHER GEAR 14
81 Not Traced RATHER GEAR 15
81 Not Traced RATHER GEAR 16
81 Various Artists What A Nice Way To Go RATHER GEAR 17

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