Ratchet Records was a DIY label. It issued at least two singles in or around 1979, both of them by a group called Fingers: 'Marching Band' (RAT-101; 1979) and 'Saints Alive' (RAT-102; 1979).  The second single was a St. Helens RFC supporters' song, so presumably Ratchet was based in that area.  Pressing was done through SRT, as the matrix numbers, SRTS/79/CUS-435 and SRTS/79/CUS-445, indicate.  As can be seen, the label was one of the standard plain SRT custom designs, though it came in two different colours. Distributed By Ratchet Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Fingers Marching Band RATCHET RAT 101
79 Fingers Saints Alive RATCHET RAT 102

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