Independent label from 1979 to 81: Rat Race Records Catalogue numbers suggest that Rat Race put out at least nine singles, but the only one that was from our decade was the first, 'Babies In Jars', by John Ellis.  Its catalogue number was RAT-1 and it came out in 1979.  Punk band The Vibrators made a couple of singles for Rat Race, 'Gimme Some Lovin'' (RAT-2; 1980) and 'Disco In Mosco' (RAT-4; 10/80).  The labels varied from record to record, so these shouldn't be taken as standard. Distributed By Rat Race Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Ellis John Babies In Jar RAT RACE RAT 1
80 Vibrators Gimme Some Lovin' RAT RACE RAT 2
80 Almost Brothers You'll Never Make It RAT RACE RAT 3
80 Vibrators Disco In Moscow RAT RACE RAT 4
80 Bright Greg I'm A Believer RAT RACE RAT 5
80 Ellis John Hit Man RAT RACE RAT 6
81 Almost Brothers Don't Pass The Buck RAT RACE RAT 7
81 Almost Brothers Bum's Rush RAT RACE RAT 8
82 Almost Brothers Actions RAT RACE RAT 9

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