Independent American label: Rare Earth Records was a division of Motown Records.  Rare Earth was aimed at the underground Rock market; it achieved a measure of success in the States, particularly with the group Rare Earth, but never meant much on this side of the Atlantic.  It was active over here from 1971 to 1976 (1969-76 in the USA), and it released more than twenty singles without ever cracking the Chart; though the first Dan The Banjo Man single must have come close.  In 1977 the Rare Earth label was replaced by Prodigal.   Catalogue numbers were in a RES-100 series; the label design remained basically the same throughout, but there was a minor change in the perimeter text in August 1973 when the reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 10 o'clock was altered to read 'EMI Records' - a similar change took place on most of the EMI group labels at or around the same time.  Demo copies of RES-110 have the 'EMI' text, while issues have the 'Gramophone' one, which is mildly odd - you'd think that they'd be the other way around, if anything, demos being the earlier pressings.  Manufacture and distribution were by EMI.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Taylor R Dean Ain't It A Sad Thing RARE EARTH RES 101
71 Rare Earth I Just Want To Celebrate RARE EARTH RES 102
71 Stoney & Meatloaf The Way You Do The Things You Do RARE EARTH RES 103
72 Rare Earth Hey Big Brother RARE EARTH RES 104
72 Rare Earth Born To Wonder RARE EARTH RES 105
72 Taylor R Dean Taos New Mexico RARE EARTH RES 106
72 Xit I Was Raised RARE EARTH RES 107
73 Wolfe Dancing In The Moonlight RARE EARTH RES 108
73 Rare Earth Good Time Sally RARE EARTH RES 109
73 Dan The Banjo Man Dan The Banjo Man RARE EARTH RES 110
72 Xit Reservation Of Education RARE EARTH RES 111
74 Alexander David Love Love Love RARE EARTH RES 112
74 Dan The Banjo Man Black Magic RARE EARTH RES 113
74 Rare Earth I'm Losing You RARE EARTH RES 114
74 Campbell Michael Edwards Roxanne RARE EARTH RES 115
74 Slowbone & Wonder Boys Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen RARE EARTH RES 116
74 Sonny & Sovereigns Schools Out RARE EARTH RES 117
74 Rough Riders Hot California Beach RARE EARTH RES 118
74 Slowbone Oh Man RARE EARTH RES 119
74 Friendly Persuasion Remember RARE EARTH RES 120
74 Dan The Banjo Man Red River Valley RARE EARTH RES 121

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