Independent label: Rar Records was the Stevenage chapter of the Rock Against Racism organisation it funded the release of a split EP featuring two tracks each from Restricted Hours ('Getting Things Done' / 'Still Living Out The Car Crash') and the Syndicate ('One Way Or Another' / 'I Want To Be Somebody'); its catalogue number was SRAR-1.  Restricted Hours were actually Anarchist Punk band the Astronauts under an assumed name.  A second record, a single split between The Proles ('Stereo Love') and The Condemned ('Soldier Boys') was numbered T.RAR-1, and is from the same year.  Another single, 'Asian Youth' by Alien Kulture (L RAR-1) followed in 1980, as did a Various Artists LP called 'Rock Against Racism' (RAR-1-LP). Distributed By Rar Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Proles / The Condemned Stereo Love / Thought Crime / Soldier Boy RAR T RAR 1
79 Restricted Hours / The Syndicate One Way Or Another / Getting Things Done RAR S RAR 1
80 Alien Kulture Asian Youth / Culture Crossover RAR L RAR 1

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