Independent Reggae label: Randy's Records was part of the Trojan group.  Randy's label was first started by Vincent "Randy" Chin in Jamaica the early 60's.  Randy's was initially an outlet for Vincent Chin productions.  It put out approximately thirty-five singles during the period 1970-73; catalogue numbers were in a RAN-500 series.  The first four labels were plain, later ones, from at least RAN-505, were more adventurous.  Pressing generally seems to have been by Orlake. Distributed By Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Randy'S All Stars I'M The One You'Re The One RANDY'S RAN 500
70 Randy'S All Stars Pepper Pot RANDY'S RAN 501
70 Randy'S All Stars Dixie RANDY'S RAN 502
70 Barker Dave  October. RANDY'S RAN 503
70 Lyrics Give Thanks And Praises RANDY'S RAN 504
70 Randy'S All Stars  Emperor Waltz  RANDY'S RAN 505
70 Randy'S All Stars  Blue Danube Waltz  RANDY'S RAN 506
70 Randy'S All Stars  Bridge Over Troubled Water  RANDY'S RAN 507
70 Dean Nora  Want Man RANDY'S RAN 508
70 Ethiopians Me Want Girl RANDY'S RAN 509
71 Ethiopians True Man Free Man RANDY'S RAN 510
71 Lyrics Give Thanks  RANDY'S RAN 511
71 Ethiopians Mr Tom RANDY'S RAN 512
71 Not Issued RANDY'S RAN 513
71 London Jimmy  Shake A Hand RANDY'S RAN 514
71 Keith & Impact All Stars  Down By The Riverside  RANDY'S RAN 515
71 Romeo Max  Close To Me  RANDY'S RAN 516
71 Jimmy London  Bridge Over Trubled Water RANDY'S RAN 517
71 Jimmy London  Hip Hip Hooray RANDY'S RAN 518
71 Impact All Stars  Back Version 3 RANDY'S RAN 519
71 Jimmy London  A Little Love RANDY'S RAN 520
71 Jimmy London  It'S Now Or Never RANDY'S RAN 521
72 Rocking Horse & The Impact All Stars  Hard Time  RANDY'S RAN 522
72 Junior Byles  King Of Babylon RANDY'S RAN 523
72 Parks Lloyd  Stars RANDY'S RAN 524
72 Freedom Group  Sing A Song Of Freedom  RANDY'S RAN 525
72 Dennis Brown  Cheater RANDY'S RAN 526
72 Jimmy London  Jamaica Festival '72  RANDY'S RAN 527
72 Dennis Brown  Meet Me On The Corner RANDY'S RAN 528
72 Donovan C.  Sweet Caroline  RANDY'S RAN 529
72 Melodians Passion Love  RANDY'S RAN 530
72 Popping Keith  Kick The Bucket  RANDY'S RAN 531
72 U Roy Junior  Froggie RANDY'S RAN 532
72 Andy Horace & Earl Flute  Don'T Think About Me  RANDY'S RAN 533
73 Hudson Keith & I-Roy  Silver Platter RANDY'S RAN 534
73 Rocking Horse  I'M So Fed Up RANDY'S RAN 535
73 Pablo & Fay  Bedroom Mazurka RANDY'S RAN 536

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