Rak Replay Records was a division of Mickie Most's Rak Records.  Rak Replay dealt, unsurprisingly, with reissues of some of Most's old hits.  Two of its first three releases were successful again: The Animals', 'House Of The Rising Sun' (RR-1; 9/72), and Jeff Beck's, 'Hi Ho Silver Lining (RR-3; 1972), both got into the Top 30.  Subsequent singles were less well received by the public; though 'House Of The Rising Sun' was a hit yet again in 1982, when, with the same catalogue number, it got to No.11 in the Chart, improving on its 1972 position.  RR-5 was to have been 'Whole Lotta Love' by CCS, but its release was cancelled; demo copies exist.  The label design remained basically unchanged throughout the '70s; there was a minor change in the perimeter text after the first five issues, when a reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 8 o'clock was altered to read 'EMI Records' - a similar change took place on most of the other EMI group labels, including Rak itself, at or around the same time.  Re-pressings of the earlier issues also had the changed text.  Some of the records can be found with wider white borders on the labels, or with labels which are monochrome silver-on-black or injection moulded; these are even later re-pressings, and seem to date from the '80s.  The singles appear to have come in. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Animals House Of The Rising Sun RAK REPLAY RR 1
72 Hermans Hermits Not Known RAK REPLAY RR 2
72 Jeff Beck Hi-Ho Silver Lining RAK REPLAY RR 3
73 Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart I'Ve Been Drinking RAK REPLAY RR 4
73 C.C.S Whole Lotta Love RAK REPLAY RR 5
77 Mud Tiger Feet RAK REPLAY RR 6
77 C.C.S Brother RAK REPLAY RR 7
86 Herman'S Hermits There'S A Kind Of Hush RAK REPLAY RR 8
86 Hot Chocolate You sexy thing RAK REPLAY RR 9

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