Rainy City Records was owned by Rob Gretton, later a partner in Factory records and manager of Joy Division and New Order, the Manchester-based Rainy City label seems to have only issued one record, an EP called 'It Won't Sell', by Punk band The Panik (SHOT-1; 11/77).  Tracks on the EP were 'Modern Politics', 'Urban Damnation' and 'Murder'. It was Pressed By Lyntone Recordings Ltd. LYN 4766 - LYN 4767. Distributed By Rainy City Records. The Panik Formed in 1977, and were from Manchester and Disbanded in 1978. Band Members were Ian Nance (vocals, guitar), Random (guitar), Clive Robinson (guitar), Hilton (bass), B'Dale [Steve Brotherdale] (drums). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Panik It Won't Sell! [ Ep ] RAINY CITY SHOT 1

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