Independent label: Rainbow Records. This particular Rainbow label seems to have issued only two singles.  First out was 'Heartbreak Kid', by Rikki and the Numbers (RAIS-1001; 11/77), which was produced by Gary Benson.  Then came Sheila McKinley's 'Goodbye My Love' (RAIS-1002; 1978), which had another producer who was no stranger to the Charts - Jim Capaldi.  Despite having that kind of talent on board, neither Rainbow single made any great impression on the music world.  Distribution of the Numbers single was by CBS; I've seen it described as a cross between Punk and Pub Rock, but any Punk getting hold of it would be sadly disappointed - it's more like accomplished second-division Rock.   There was another - more brightly coloured - Rainbow label in the 1980s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Rikki & Numbers The Heartbreak Kid RAINBOW RAIS 1001
78 Sheila Mckinley Goodbye My Love RAINBOW RAIS 1002

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