Rainbow Steel Band Records was a Diy label.  The Rainbow Steel Band originated in Barbados in the 1950s, moved to Bath, and is still going today (2017) under the name of the Rainbow Steel Orchestra.  Despite its long history it seems not to have made many records; the only one that I have been able to track down from the vinyl era is pictured.  It was an EP featuring 'Mas In Toronto', 'Tico-Tico', Yes Teacher' and 'Piel Canella', and it came out in 1978 on the band's own label with a catalogue number of RS-1.  The tracks are in mono, which is slightly surprising that late in the decade.  That appears to have been the lot, until 2007 when a DVD entitled '50 Glorious years' came out. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 The Rainbow Steel Band Mas In Toronto RAINBOW STEEL BAND RS 1

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