Independent label: Rainbow Records belonged to the Rainbow Sound Studios, of Nottingham.  RSS seems to have been a Custom Recording operation: a place which recorded and had pressed limited quantities of records for artists - such as Cabaret and Club performers - who wanted something to sell to the people who came to their performances.  Rainbow appears to have been active from 1978 to 1983; in 1980 (or late 1979) it extended its name to Rainbow Sound. In its first incarnation the company used at least two labels with the same basic design in different colours, the change of name was accompanied by a change of design, though the RSL-100 numbering remained the same.  Unsurprisingly, Rainbow records, of which there seem to have been least fifty-two, are not that common.  RSL-131, 'Bingo', by The Escorts, is a collectable Punk single; while a couple of late singles came out on the NM label, and an earlier one on Avatar.  Albums and singles shared the same RSL-100 numerical series - for the sake of interest I've listed in the discography below such 12" records that I've managed to track down, but it's still horribly gappy.  The Paul Emmanuel EP was pressed by Orlake. Distributed By Rainbow Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 101
78 Paul Emmanuel Isn'T She Lovely RAINBOW RSL 102
78 Pete Quilty If I Could Write A Love Song RAINBOW RSL 103
78 Inner Ear Inner Ear (Album) RAINBOW RSL 104
78 First Refusal Don't Give A Damn RAINBOW RSL 105
78 Rob Howell (At This Table) You'll Never Grow Old RAINBOW RSL 106
78 Carl And The Heidelbergers I Knew This Would Happen RAINBOW RSL 107
78 Ann Marie And Toni International Cabaret RAINBOW RSL 108
78 Tony Addams Love Hurts RAINBOW RSL 109
78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 110
78 Bubbles Jamais RAINBOW RSL 111
78 That's That Well That's That (Album) RAINBOW RSL 112
78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 113
78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 114
78 The Leeson Brothers A1 (Album) RAINBOW RSL 115
78 Fixer Bright And Rosy RAINBOW RSL 116
78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 117
78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 118
78 Joanne Tracey A Love Song RAINBOW RSL 119
78 John Pickering Imagine RAINBOW RSL 120
78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 121
78 Larry King I'M Just Here To Make You Laugh RAINBOW RSL 122
79 Barry St. Ives Barry St. Ives Sings Jolson RAINBOW RSL 123
79 Tim Rogers Through A Window RAINBOW RSL 124
79 Summer Rain Wonderful Land RAINBOW RSL 125
79 Choir Of Southwell Minster Jubilate Deo (Album) RAINBOW RSL 126
79 Scott Daniels Just For You RAINBOW RSL 127
79 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 128
79 Jimmy Willan Making Tracks (Album) RAINBOW RSL 129
79 The Lion He's A Man AVATAR RSL 130
80 Escorts Bingo  RAINBOW SOUND RSL 131
80 Warrior Let Battle Commence (Album) RAINBOW SOUND RSL 132
80 Not Traced RAINBOW SOUND RSL 133
80 The Road Band High Mileage RAINBOW SOUND RSL 134
80 Not Traced RAINBOW SOUND RSL 135
80 The Newstead Abbey Singers Carols And Part Songs (Album) RAINBOW SOUND RSL 136
80 Not Traced RAINBOW SOUND RSL 137
80 Not Traced RAINBOW SOUND RSL 138
80 Not Traced RAINBOW SOUND RSL 139
81 Jimmy Willan, Pete Quilty And The Notts. County Choir County's The Team For Me RAINBOW SOUND RSL 140
81 Jimmy Crawford And Big Jim Ryder The People's Pleasers Medley: (A) Be My Love (B) Lover RAINBOW SOUND RSL 141
81 Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz Band Tell My Your Dreams RAINBOW SOUND RSL 142
81 Ricky Jive And The Chevvys Satisfied RAINBOW SOUND RSL 143
82 Big Bad Bo I Was An Unban Cowboy RAINBOW SOUND RSL 144
82 Break Down Silent Pictures  RAINBOW SOUND RSL 145
82 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 146
82 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 147
83 John Pickering And Friends The Father's Family (Album) RAINBOW RSL 148
83 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 149
83 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 150
83 P.C. Rainbow And The Choir Of Fernwood Junior School The Stranger Danger Song Say No, No, No NM RSL 151
83 Harworth Colliery And Welfare Band Chorale And Rockout For Brass Band And Rock Group NM RSL 152
78 Not Traced RAINBOW RSL 0001
78 Six Hands In Tempo Far From Broadway RAINBOW RSL 0002

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