Independent label from 1975: Rainbow Records. there were three Rainbow labels in the '70s and at least another one in the '80s this one was owned by the Henry Hadaway Organization, which had previously been responsible for the Satril Record label.  It seems to have only issued two singles: Paul Cass's Glam-flavoured 'Mini Marianne' (RBV-2000) and Micky Manchester's 'Have You Seen Your Daughter' (RBV-2001).  Both came out in April 1975, at a time when HHO's own productions were licensed to Pye and were appearing on the Pye label.  Satril was reintroduced as a label in the summer of 1975, at which point Rainbow presumably became redundant.  HHO retained the rights to the name, however, and in late 1977 prevented the Rainbow Theatre rock venue and Aaron Sixx's 'Rainbow Record Productions' using it.  Sixx seems to have settle for the name Aura for his new label.  Manufacture was by Orlake, and Distribution by Lugton.  The style of demo suggests that Rainbow came under the President umbrella. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Paul Cass Mini Marianne RAINBOW RBV 2000
75 Micky Manchester Chamberlin Said RAINBOW RBV 2001

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