Independent label: Raft Records was one of the lesser members of the WEA family.  Raft was launched in April 1973 by WEA MD Ian Ralfini and Martin Wyatt as a small label with a restricted roster of artists to whom individual attention could be paid.  Wyatt, who was the label's head, resigned and left in September of that year.  He was replaced by Sean Murphy.  The label remained autonomous, and was focused on developing British talent for overseas representation.  In April the following year, however, news came that Raft was shortly to be dropped, on instructions from the major companies in the WEA group; the artists on it were to be offered contracts with other in-house labels.  Raft managed a mere three albums and seven singles during the twelve monts of its existence.  Soul singer Linda Lewis was responsible for three of the singles, including the label's only hit, 'Rock-A-Doodle Doo' (RA-18502; 5/73).  Reportedly the label's demise left unreleased LPs by the Streetwalkers and Kilburn & the High Roads still in the can.  Manufacture and Distribution were by CBS, with whom WEA had a close relationship at the time.  There were three types of company sleeve, the blue-and-white one apparently being the later. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Family Boom Bang RAFT RA 18501
73 Linda Lewis Rock A Doodle-Doo RAFT RA 18502
73 Family Sweet Desiree RAFT RA 18503
73 Fresh Meat Hobo RAFT RA 18504
73 Linda Lewis Play Around RAFT RA 18505
73 Beckett Little Girl RAFT RA 18506
73 Linda Lewis Sideway Shuffle RAFT RA 18507

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