The record outlet of Radio Forth's studios, in Edinburgh.  The studio appears to have been responsible for at least three records, none of which were given a label identity as such - they can be identified only by their RF-0 catalogue numbers.  The first two, 'Gibby Sutherland & Friends' (RF-1), and 'A Royal Scots Welcome' by Billy Marshall (RF-2) were LPs, but the company qualified for this site by making its third release an EP.  Billy Gordon was the artist, and the title of the EP was 'The Peg Legged Kiltie Coalman From Castlemilk' (RF-3).  In addition to the title track - which was a parody of 'Ghost Riders In The Sky' - and the two tracks shown on the scan above, the EP offered Billy's version of 'Solitaire'.  All three records came out in 1976.  The Gibby Sutherland LP carried a credit to Elnam Music Records on its sleeve but not on the labels.  See also '194 Radio Forth'.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Gibby Sutherland And Friends Gibby's Ceilidh (ALBUM) RADIO FORTH RF 1
76 Billy Marshall A Royal Scots Welcome (ALBUM) RADIO FORTH RF 2
76 Billy Gordon The Peg Legged Kiltie Postman From Castlemilk RADIO FORTH RF 3

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