Independent label: Radar Records was the label of the Radarscope company, which was set up by Formed by Jake Riviera, after he'd left Stiff Records, and former Liberty Records and United Artists Records UK MD, Andrew Lauder in 1978. in a joint venture Funded and distributed by WEA. Radar received a boost when Jake Riviera left Stiff  and brought Nick Lowe, The Yachts, and Elvis Costello & The Attractions to the label.  Costello and his band proved to be Radar's most successful artists, though Lowe got a trio of singles into the Chart in 1978-79, including the very first release, 'I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass' (ADA-1; 2/78).  The Inmates also registered once.  The label was generally green with a white wavy line, but some singles by American bands (Red Crayola, 13th Floor Elevators, Electric Prunes) were red instead of green; the red wavy line on the Nick Lowe single shown seems to have been a one-off.  Several records had label designs which were specific to them.  Manufacture was through WEA: CBS was responsible for most WEA pressings until the middle of 1979, when the contract ran out and WEA were able to make full use of their own pressing plants.  Radar releases didn't sell well enough to meet WEA's expectations. At the end of 1979, Radar's staff was dismissed, while Costello, Lowe, Riviera and Lauder formed a new label, F-Beat Records. However, WEA kept the Radar name alive for a few last releases through early 1981. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Lowe Nick I Love The Sound Of Breaking Class RADAR ADA 1
78 Profits Hog For You Baby RADAR ADA 2
78 Costello Elvis Chelsea RADAR ADA 3
78 Pop Iggy Kill City RADAR ADA 4
78 La Düsseldorf La Dusseldorf (Unreleased) RADAR ADA 5
78 Pezband On And On RADAR ADA 6
78 Arthurs Andy I Can'T Detect You For 1,000;000 Miles RADAR ADA 7
78 Soft Boys Angelpoise Lamp RADAR ADA 8
78 Good Rats Mr Mechanic RADAR ADA 7
78 Costello Elvis Pump It Up RADAR ADA 10
78 Steroids In The Colonies RADAR ADA 11
78 Lowe Nick Little Hitler RADAR ADA 12
79 Thirteenth Floor Elevators You'Re Gonna Miss Me RADAR ADA 13
79 Count Five Psychotic Reaction (Unreleased) RADAR ADA 14
79 Campie Ray Teenage Boogie RADAR ADA 15
79 Electric Prunes I Had To Much To Drink RADAR ADA 16
79 Shadows Of Knight Gloria (Unreleased) RADAR ADA 17
79 Bright Bette My Boyfriend'S Back RADAR ADA 18
79 Tanz Der Youth I'M Sorry I'M Sorry RADAR ADA 19
79 Metal Urbain Hysterie Connective RADAR ADA 20
79 Bright Bette Captain Of Your Ship RADAR ADA 21
79 Red Crayola Wives In Orbit RADAR ADA 22
79 Yachts Look Back In Love RADAR ADA 23
79 Costello Elvis Radio Radio RADAR ADA 24
79 Yachts Yachting Types RADAR ADA 25
79 Lowe Nick American Squirm RADAR ADA 26
79 Neon Don'T Eat Bricks RADAR ADA 27
79 Bram Tchaikovsky Girl Of My Dreams RADAR ADA 28
79 Pop Group She Is Beyond Good And Evil RADAR ADA 29
79 Hell Richard & Voidoids I'M Your Man RADAR ADA 30
79 Costello Elvis Olivers Army RADAR ADA 31
79 Not Traced RADAR ADA 32
79 Not Traced RADAR ADA 33
79 Lowe Nick Crackin' Up RADAR ADA 34
79 Costello Elvis Accidents Will Happen RADAR ADA 35
79 Yachts Love You Love You RADAR ADA 36
79 Bram Tchaikovsky I'M The One Who Leaving RADAR ADA 37
79 Not Traced RADAR ADA 38
79 Not Traced RADAR ADA 39
79 Sussex Treat Me Kind RADAR ADA 40
79 Kramer Wayne The Harder They Come RADAR ADA 41
79 Yachts Box 202 RADAR ADA 42
79 Lowe Nick Cruel To Be Kind RADAR ADA 43
79 Inmates Dirty Water RADAR ADA 44
79 Bram Tchaikovsky Girl Of My Dreams RADAR ADA 45
79 999 Found Out Too Late RADAR ADA 46
79 Inmates The Walk RADAR ADA 47
79 Visage Tar RADAR ADA 48
79 Yachts Now I'M Spoken For RADAR ADA 49
80 Inmates Love Got Me RADAR ADA 50
80 Not Traced RADAR ADA 51
80 Yachts There'S A Ghost In My House RADAR ADA 52
80 Inmates Three Time Loser RADAR ADA 53
80 Bram Tchaikovsky Let'S Dance RADAR ADA 54
80 Not Traced RADAR ADA 55
80 Bram Tchaikovsky Pressure RADAR ADA 56
80 Yachts Iou RADAR ADA 57
80 Not Traced RADAR ADA 58
80 Inmates So Much In Love RADAR ADA 59
80 Not Traced RADAR ADA 60
80 Inmates Stop It Baby RADAR ADA 61
81 Kane D.J Lately Things Get RADAR ADA 62
81 Inmates Heartbeat RADAR ADA 63
78 Elvis Costello Stranger In The House RADAR SAM 83
78 Ray Campi Caterpillar RADAR SAM 86
78 13th Floor Elevators She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) RADAR SAM 88
79 Elvis Costello And The Attractions Live At Hollywood High RADAR SAM 90
79 Yachts Suffice To Say RADAR SAM 98
78 Elvis Costello And The Attractions Talking In The Dark RADAR RG 1

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