Independent label: Rabid Records was based in Manchester, and was run by Martin Hannett, Tosh Ryan, Lawrence Beadle.  It boasted John Cooper Clarke and Slaughter & the Dogs on its roster of artists, but its most succesful record was a distinctly weird single, 'Jilted John', by Jilted John which got into the charts after EMI licensed it and reissued it on their EMI International label.  Rabid itself doesn't seem to have lasted into 1980, despite the fact that legendary producer Martin Hannett worked on several of its releases.  It issued fewer than a dozen singles, in a TOSH-100 numbering series.  Some, at least, were distributed by Lightning Records; some were pressed by Polydor / Phonogram and came with injection-moulded labels in various colours; one was pressed in France.  Singles from TOSH-110 onwards had their own individual label designs. Rabid Records Former Addess: 178 Waterloo Place Oxford Road Manchester. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Slaughter & Dogs Cranked Up Really High RABID TOSH 101
77 Nosebleeds Ain'T Bin To No Music School RABID TOSH 102
77 Clarke John Cooper Pyscle Sluts RABID TOSH 103
78 Gyro Central Detention Centre RABID TOSH 104
78 Jilted John Jilted John RABID TOSH 105
78 Banger Ed Kinnel Tommy RABID  TOSH 106
78 Gordon The Moron De Do Dough Don'T Be Dough (Not Released) RABID TOSH 107
78 Not Issued RABID TOSH 108
79 Sievey Chris Baiser RABID TOSH 109
78 Green Tom Who Can Tell RABID TOSH 110
79 Gordon The Moron Fit For Nothing RABID TOSH 111
77 Nosebleeds Ain'T Bin To No Music School RABID TOSH 112
79 Out Who Is Innocent RABID TOSH 113

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