Independent Canadian label: Quality Records company issued a lot of records in its native land, from 1950 to 1985; its appearances over here were limited to an album, by the Stampeders, and three singles, all of which came out in 1976.  Quality was run by George Keane from its inception until 1978; in Britain it was handled by Private Stock and distributed by EMI.  With a name like that, you would expect the label design to have a bit more oomph than it does - gold lettering, at the very least. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Sweet Blindness Coyboys To Girls QUALITY QUPS 1
76 Not Issued QUALITY QUPS 2
76 Stampeders Sweet Love Bandit QUALITY QUPS 3
76 Puppies Sea Of Love QUALITY QUPS 4

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