QBS Records was a A division of SB Records, which was itself an arm of a company called SB Productions, run by Tony Stericker and Ghanaian-born arranger / keyboard man Ed Bentley.  SB and QBS seem to have put out just one record each, both of them in 1979.  In the case of SB, it was a 12" single by Ed Bentley, featuring 'Bentley Boogie' and two other tracks (SB-1001; 8/79), but QBS qualifies for this site because its sole release was a 7" single, 'Hasta Cuando' b/w 'Sintu Sonrisa' by Nelson Rancel.  The catalogue number of that single was QBS-537, which doesn't fit any series that I'm currently aware of.  Bentley went on to release several more records in a Jazz / Funk vein - none of them on SB or QBS - and is still active today. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Nelson Rancel Hasta Cuando QBS QBS 537

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