Independent Reggae label: Pyramid Records was a member of the Doctor Bird group, Pyramid had its glory days in the 1960s, when it hit the national charts with several singles by Desmond Dekker and the Aces.  It appears to have expired in 1969, or possibly early 1970, after around eighty singles during its lifetime.  However, it was revived briefly by Trojan in 1973.  Catalogue numbers of the original company's singles were in a PYR-6000 series  Trojans came in a PYR-7000 one. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info.

73 Roy I Tip from the prince PYRAMID PYR 7001
73 Dennis & Lizzy Ba ba ri ba PYRAMID PYR 7002
73 Lloyd Coxsone Six Crusing PYRAMID PYR 7003
73 Simpson Leo Waxy doodle PYRAMID PYR 7004
73 Youth & Hudson Can you keep a secret PYRAMID PYR 7005
73 Lundy Brad I could never have another PYRAMID PYR 7006
73 Now Generation You'll never know PYRAMID PYR 7007
73 Alcapone Dennis Belch it off PYRAMID PYR 7008
74 Rockin' Horse New situation PYRAMID PYR 7009
74 Meditation Great messiah PYRAMID PYR 7010
74 Tellers No work no pay PYRAMID PYR 7011
74 Issacs Gregory  Innocent people cry  PYRAMID PYR 7012
74 Clarke Johnny Lemon tree PYRAMID PYR 7013
74 Skin Flesh & Bones Butter te fish PYRAMID PYR 7014

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