Independent label: Pye Records was a British record label whose best known artist was Petula Clark, who recorded for the label from 1957 through 1971. The Pye Company originally sold televisions and radios and entered the record business when it bought Nixa Records in 1953. In 1955, Pye acquired Polygon Records, a label that had been established by Clark's father to control distribution of her recordings, and merged it with Nixa Records to form Pye Nixa Records. In 1959, the name was changed to Pye Records and ATV acquired 50% of the label. ATV bought the other half of the business in 1966. Two subsidiaries were created during the sixties: Pye Golden Guinea Records and Piccadilly. They were replaced by Dawn Records (2) in the seventies. Pye also had several series and sub-labels, such as Pye International and Pye Jazz. As of September 1980 the rights to the name Pye expired and the label was renamed to PRT Records. Pye UK 7"s belong to - the 7N.15000 series (September 1955 - November 1965) and - the 7N.17000 series (November 1965 - November 1970) and - the 7N.45000 series (November 1970 - June 1977) and - the 7N.46000 series (June 1970 - June 1979); Pye UK EPs belong to the NEP 24000 series (1959-1968), Pye UK 12"s belong to the 7NL 45000 and 7NL 46000 series (1977-1979) Pye UK LPs belong to - the NPL 18000 series (mono, 1957-1970) and the NSPL 18000 series (stereo, 1970-1980) and - the NSPL 41000 series (1971-1977)..

70 Not Traced PYE 7N 2501
70 Mungo Jerry In The Summertime PYE 7N 2502
71 The Kinks God'S Children (Maxi, Ep)  PYE 7NX 8001
72 David Bowie Do Anything You Say (Maxi, Ep)  PYE 7NX 8002
72 Max Bygraves Maxi Max Sing Along With Max Bygraves (Maxi, Ep)   PYE 7NX 8003
77 The Muppets The Muppet Show Music Hall (Maxi, Ep)    PYE 7NX 8004
74 Vicki Gillespie We Love You Madly (A Tribute To Duke Ellington) (Maxi, Ep)    PYE 7NX 8005
72 Johnny Mcevoy  Gentle Annie / Blue Canadian Rockies / Kentucky Woman  (Maxi, Ep)    TARGET  7NX 7001
71 Some People Bluebird  PYE 7N 60001
71 Paddy Day And The Wand'rin' Stars A Fond Tale PYE 7N 60002
71 The Indians Featuring Medicine Crow Squaws Along The Yukon PYE 7N 60003
71 The Montfort Singers With Cathal Dunne Butterfly PYE 7N 60004
71 Dickie Roc Cathedral In The Pines PYE 7N 60005
71 Tracy And The Grassroots I Hurt All Over  PYE 7N 60006
71 Fran O'Toole Shake A Hand / My Pledge Of Love PYE 7N 60007
71 Paddy Day Kitty Kelly PYE 7N 60008
72 Brendan Donovan  We Gotta Reach Out / Beautiful City   PYE 7N 60009
72 Pat Smith With The Johnny Flynn Sound Four Green Fields PYE 7N 60010
72 Donal Ring Sound with Paul O'Leary  Beautiful City / Shamrock And Rose  PYE 7N 60011
72 Some People Mammy / Goin' Back  PYE 7N 60012
72 Fleet with Gerry Fahy  Help (Get Me Some Help) / Seesaw Of Love PYE 7N 60013
72 Frank Mangan  Stop And Think It Over / Momma I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be PYE 7N 60014
72 John Kerr  Moonlight In Mayo / Someone Thinks Of You Tonight PYE 7N 60015
72 Ned Spoone Walk Away / Red Light Mama, Red Hot  PYE 7N 60016
72 Donal Ring Sound with Paul O'Leary  City Lights / The Heather Mixture Polka  PYE 7N 60017
72 The Janeczek Sisters  Where The Blarney Roses Grow / Connemara Cradle Song  PYE 7N 60018
72 Fran O'Toole & the Miami  Loco Par Ti (Crazy For You) / The Writing On The Wall  PYE 7N 60019
72 Liam Lynch with Homer's Knods Freedom / The West's Awake  PYE 7N 60020
72 Gloria & The Johnny McEvoy Band Just The Way I Am  PYE 7N 60021
72 Johnny McEvoy  Spancil Hill / All I Have To Offer You Is Me   PYE 7N 60022
72 Joe Dolan Here We Go Again PYE 7N 60023
73 Dickie Rock Lollipops Lace And Lipstick PYE 7N 60024
73 Fran O'Toole  Captain Zero  PYE 7N 60025
73 Dickie Rock The Last Waltz PYE 7N 60026
70 Carpenters They Long To Be Close To You PYE AMS 800
70 Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass Jerusalem PYE AMS 810
70 Carpenters We've Only Just Begun PYE AMS 813
71 Waldo De Los Rios Mozart PYE AMS 836
72 Elton John Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) PYE DJX 501
72 Elton John Crocodile Rock PYE DJS 271
73 Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road PYE DJS 285
72 Finbar And Eddie Furey Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway PYE DNS 1025
72 Gordon Banks And His Friends We'll Be Together PYE JT 101
74 The Goodies Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me PYE BRAD  7421
75 The Goodies The Funky Gibbon PYE BRAD  7504
74 Paul Da Vinci Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore PYE PEN 843
74 Kevin Johnson Rock 'N Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life) PYE MSS 304
75 Gladys Knight And The Pips The Way We Were PYE BDS 428
75 Gladys Knight And The Pips Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me PYE BDS 432
75 Gladys Knight And The Pips Part Time Love PYE BDS 438
76 Gladys Knight And The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia PYE BDS 444
76 Gladys Knight And The Pips Make Yours A Happy Home PYE BDS 447
76 Gladys Knight And The Pips Nobody But You PYE BDS 451
77 Gladys Knight And The Pips Baby Don't Change Your Mind PYE BDS 458
78 Gladys Knight And The Pips Come Back And Finish What You Started PYE BDS 473
78 Gladys Knight And The Pips It's A Better Than Good Time PYE BDS 478
75 Barry White For You I'll Do Anything You Want Me Too PYE BTC 2088
75 Wigan's Chosen Few Footsee (Instrumental) PYE DDS 111
76 Dorothy Moore Funny How Time Slips Away (Edited Version) PYE CS 2092
77 Gordon Giltrap Heartsong PYE WOT 19
78 Quantum Jump No American Starship PYE WOT 37
79 The Gordon Giltrap Band Party Piece PYE WOT 38
78 John Paul Young Love Is In The Air PYE ARO 117
79 Donna Summer Hot Stuff PYE CAN 151
79 The Regents 7 Teen PYE TREB 111
80 The Korgis Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime PYE TREB 115
80 Kelly Marie Feels Like I'm In Love PYE PLUS 1

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