Independent label: Pye International Records was a division of Pye Records. It was brought into being in 1958 as an outlet for products licensed from independent American labels, such as Chess, A&M, Kama Sutra, Colpix, Warner Bros., Buddah, 20th Century, and King.  It did its duty faithfully throughout the '60s and the '70s, only to expire in 1980.  From around April 1973 onwards the Pye International label looked even more like that of Pye; only a small and rather apologetic-looking 'INTERNATIONAL' under the Pye logo served to tell them apart - that, and the fact that Pye International issued singles in its own 7N-25000 series, as opposed to Pye's 7N-45000 one.  Initially these pink-and-purple labels had silver print, but this was replaced by black in or around November 1974.  The occasional injection-moulded labels were contract pressings, presumably made at a time when Pye's own presses were fully occupied.  In the spring of 1979 the catalogue numbers changed to the 7P-5000s, and in the autumn of that same year a black-and-white label was adopted - the same happened to the main Pye label.  Demos were in the same style as those of Pye. Pye International was a regular, if somewhat infrequent, visitor to the Singles Chart: Chuck Berry had seven hits from 1963-65; 1968 saw a spate of Bubblegum successes, by the Ohio Express, the Lemon Pipers and the 1910 Fruitgum Company; Olivia Newton John was mainly responsible for keeping the label in the public eye during 1971-74, after which only the odd Disco single charted.  The Real Thing gave the label its final No.1 in 1976, with 'You To Me Are Everything' (7N-25709).  After the adoption of the pink label Pye International singles came in the same company sleeves as did those of the main Pye label.  Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Martin Circus Disco Circus  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5001
79 LAX Dancin' At The Disco  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5002
79 Chantal Curtis Get Another Love  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5003
79 Space Save Your Love For Me  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5004
79 The Chi-Lites Stay A Little Longer  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5005
79 Toni Washington Body Work  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5006
79 Madleen Kane Secret Love Affair   PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5007
79 Freedom  Dance Sing Along / Set You Free  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5008
79 Martin Circus Shine Baby Shine  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5009
79 Chantal Curtis Hit Man / I Gotta Know  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5010
79 Seventh Avenue Miami Heatwave  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5011
79 Jupiter Beyond The River Drive  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5012
79 Osibisa Pata Pata  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5013
80 Val Johns Love Never Comes Easy PICCADILLY 7P 5014
80 Space On The Air  PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5015
80 Various Artists Untitled (12") PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5016
80 Spargo You And Me PYE INTERNATIONAL 7P 5017
81 Space  Tender Force PRT 7P 5018

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