Independent label: Pye Disco Demand Records was a Mid 70's UK Northern Soul series set up in 1974 by Dave McAleer first under the Pye International label and since 1975 under the Pye Records label. Usually known as 'Pye Disco Demand' on the Northern scene. Dave McAleer was a 60s R&B enthusiast / DJ who was responsible for one of the UKs earliest soul fanzines, Fame Goldwax Survey, before eventually working as an A&R capacity for record companies including Pye. Pye Disco Demand tasted Chart success with singles by acts such as the Javells and Wigan's Chosen Few, but it seems to have expired by 1976.  The label design wasn't anything to write home about, being merely an overprint on the standard Pye and Pye International designs of the time.  Still, Disco Demand had a couple of dedicated numerical sequences (DDS-100 and DDS-2000).  I suspect that the 100 series was for licensed material, while home-made things appeared in the 2000 series, Issues up to and including DDS-108 had silver printing, the rest were printed in black.  The first dozen DDS-100 series issues were on overprinted Pye International labels, the remainer and the DDS-2000 series were on overprinted Pye ones.  The existence of overprinted versions of the 1979-onwards black-and-white Pye International label on some singles would appear to be down to re-pressings.  Demos were overprinted in silver, in the same way as was done to the main Pye labels at that time. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Frankie & Classicals What Shall I Do PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 101
74 Jerry Williams  If You Ask Me PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 102
74 Casualeers Dance Dance Dance PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 103
74 Fuzz I'M So Glad PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 104
74 Wally Cox  This Man PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 105
74 Little Johnny Blair Momma'S Gone PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 106
74 Al Wilson  Help Me PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 107
74 Ila Vann  Can'T Help Loving Dat Man PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 108
74 Vel-Vets I Got To Find Me Somebody PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 109
75 Jimmy Breedlove  I Cant Help Lovin You PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 110
75 Chosen Few Footsee PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 111
75 Fugitives Human Jungle PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 112
75 Mitch Ryder  You Get Your Kicks PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 112
75 Sha-Na-Netts Romeo & Juliet PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 114
75 Shirelles Last Minute Miracle PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 115
75 Chuck Jackson  These Chains Of Love PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 116
75 Maxine Brown  One In A Million PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 117
75 Chuck Jones  & Co Boo On You PYE DISCO DEMAND DD 118
74 Gibson Wayne Under My Thumb PYE DISCO DEMAND DDS 2001
74 Javells Goodbye Nothing To Say PYE DISCO DEMAND DDS 2003
74 Schroeder John Soul For Sale PYE DISCO DEMAND DDS 2002
74 Bernard Kenny What Love Brings PYE DISCO DEMAND DDS 2004
74 Sounds Of Lancashire Back To Bach PYE DISCO DEMAND DDS 2005
74 Jezebelles Tainted Love PYE DISCO DEMAND DDS 2006
74 Playthings Stop What You'Re Doing PYE DISCO DEMAND DDS 2007

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