Independent label: PVK Records took its name from the initials of its owner, Peter Vernon-Kell.  It started out in 1976, with a brown label, and was manufactured and distributed by Pye at that point. The arrangement with Pye was a brief one, and before long PVK joined the President stable, with distribution being by independent distributors Lugton and H. R. Taylor. President would 'continue to distribute' PVK records, so perhaps President and the independents served different retailers.  More switches of manufacturer and distributor followed.  A short stint with WEA in 1978 was accompanied by a change of label from the original brown-and-cream to a new design in green-and-yellow; PVK signed a licensing agreement with Creole Records in the autumn of that year and saw the decade out with that company.  Manufacture and distribution during the Creole period were by CBS, as they were for Creole's own records at that time.  The green-and-yellow label remained basically the same but the text around the perimeter changed, the WEA 'W' at two o'clock being replaced by a Creole logo at one o'clock.  The first company sleeve belongs to the WEA period, the second to the Creole.  Initially numbering was in a PVK-000 series; this appears to have changed to PV-00 at the time of the move to WEA.  PVK kept going until at least the mid '80s, but despite having artists of the quality of guitarists Peter Green and Gordon Giltrap on its books it never troubled the compilers of the Singles Chart. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Lloyd Ryans Express Kendo'S Theme PVK PVK 001
76 Uncle Tone & His Magic Sax Sleigh Ride PVK PVK 002
77 Reed Herb & Original Platters Can'T Help Falling In Love PVK PVK 003
77 Lloyd Ryans Express Hammer Head PVK PVK 004
77 Singing Postman Fertilising Liza PVK PVK 005
77 Domino Mike Under The Sun PVK PVK 006
77 Reed Herb What'S Your Name What'S Your Number PVK PVK 007
77 Starr Freddy Think It Over PVK PVK 008
77 Reed Herb & Sweet River Juke Bob Girl PVK PVK 009
78 White Plains Dance With You PVK PVK 010
78 Not Traced PVK PVK 011
78 Green Peter Promised Land PVK PVK 012
78 Not Traced PVK PVK 013
78 Reed Herb & Sweet River Next Best Thing PVK PVK 014
78 Starr Freddie Halfway To Paradise PVK PV 015
78 Green Peter Apostle PVK PV 016
78 Reed Herb & Try It On PVK PV 17
78 Hamburger Chris Hacienda PVK PV 18
78 White Plains Wanna Fall In Love PVK PV 19
79 Reed Herb & One More Minute PVK PV 20
79 Romanos Carlos 1-2-1- PVK PV 21
79 Leno Sam Love PVK PV 22
79 Reed Herb & Hung Up Over You PVK PV 23
79 Green Peter In The Skies PVK PV 24
79 Panama Woman Behind A Man PVK PV 25
79 Romanos Carlos Are You Ready PVK PV 26
79 Gringo By Surprise Again PVK PV 27
79 Shack Band Sir Lancelot PVK PV 28
79 Gringo Home At Last PVK PV 29
79 Nightmare Great Balls Of Fire PVK PV 30
79 Brownhills Co-Op Jerusalem PVK PV 31
79 Gair Robin Why Do We Have To Wait Til Christmas PVK PV 32
80 Skinny Kid Band Morning Star PVK PV 33
80 Reed Herb & Everybody Get Together PVK PV 34
80 Romanos Carlos Take My Hat Off PVK PV 35
80 Green Peter Walking In The Road PVK PV 36
80 Nightmare Evolution PVK PV 37
80 Newman Richard Juvenile City PVK PV 38
80 Byfield Ziggy Running PVK PV 39
80 Duffo After The Subsequent PVK PV 40
80 Green Peter Loser Two Times PVK PV 41
80 Winter'S Chris Shout Oosta Be A Parrot PVK PV 42
80 Byfield Ziggy Gonna Ring Your Bell PVK PV 43
81 Giltrap Gordon Magpie Rag PVK PV 101
81 Edit Point Bright Side PVK PV 102
81 Green Peter Give Me Back My Freedom PVK PV 103
81 Duffo Walk On The Wild Side PVK PV 104
81 Giltrap Gordon Chi Mai PVK PV 105
81 Chubby Checker 4 From Chubby  PVK PV 106E
81 Beryl Marsden I Video PVK PV 107
81 Winter'S Chris  Saturday Night PVK PV 108
81 Machin David Ich Liebe Dicht PVK PV 109
81 Robinson Geoff Take Me Back PVK PV 110
81 Giltrap Gordon Hocus Pocus PVK PV 111
81 Green Peter Promised Land PVK PV 112
81 London Male Welsh Choir God Bless The Prince PVK PV 113
81 Indian Summer Evensong / Radio On PVK PV 114
84 Penny Arcade I Do Love You PVK PV 115
84 Gordon Giltrap Sunburst PVK PV 116
84 Duffo (Uk Glam-Pop) I Want To Be A Pilot/Falling Out Of The Sky PVK PV 117
84 Penny Arcade Radio Station PVK PV 118
84 Nightmare I Wanna Be Shot / Ruth Ellis PVK PV 119
84 Emmitt Till New York Jets PVK PV 120
84 Chromatics 99 PVK PV 121
85 Till Emmitt American Police PVK PV 122
85 Hush Singin' The Blues PVK PV 123
85 Wot Zat Read Betwwen The Lines PVK PV 124

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