Independent label: Purple Records was formed by Alan Bates and Deep Purple managers Tony Colletta and John Edwards in early 1971.  At first it seems to have operated as a production company, a couple of its records (by Buddy Bohn and Curtiss Maldoon) appearing on the Regal Zonophone label in August of that year.  The Purple label as such made its singles debut a few months later, in November.  It was handled by Capitol worldwide, and thus its products were manufactured and distributed by EMI in Britain.  Initially Purple boasted a varied roster of artists, but latterly it served mainly as a vehicle for Deep Purple's own records and for records that the members of the band produced.  The discography shows that not all its singles were in the Rock vein: for example 'Who Is The Doctor' by Jon Pertwee was a 'novelty' song built upon the 'Doctor Who' theme, and The Reflections' 'Moon Power' was Reggae-flavoured Pop.  Despite that, the company seems to have felt that it had an image problem: In 1975  that the company launched a new label, Oyster Records, in an effort to rid itself of its 'Heavy Metal' reputation.  Purple scored four times in the Singles Chart, all with records by Deep Purple themselves, and to all intents and purposes seems to have expired in or around 1979.  It did however make a brief comeback in 2012, for three more Deep Purple singles.  The label design remained basically unchanged throughout, the only alterations involving the perimeter text.  A reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 10 o'clock was changed to refer to 'EMI Records' in January 1975; a similar change had taken place on most of the EMI group labels, generally in or around the autumn of 1973 - perhaps Purple were using up old stock.  For some reason the perimeter text can be found inverted on a couple of singles, PUR-134 and 135. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Bullet   Hobo   PURPLE PUR 101
72 Deep Purple Never Before / When A Blind Man Cries  PURPLE PUR 102
72 Hard Stuff Jay Time PURPLE PUR 103
72 Silverhead Ace Supreme   PURPLE PUR 104
72 Rupert Hine Hamburgers   PURPLE PUR 105
72 Curtiss Maldoon One Way Ticket   PURPLE PUR 106
72 The Bumbles Beep Beep  PURPLE PUR 107
72 Ashton - Lord Surrender Me PURPLE PUR 108
72 Tony Ashton Celebration  PURPLE PUR 109
72 Silverhead Rolling With My Baby  PURPLE PUR 110
72 Jon Pertwee Who Is The Doctor   PURPLE PUR 111
73 Deep Purple Woman From Tokyo / Black Night (Live Version)  PURPLE PUR 112
73 Tucky Buzzard Gold Medallions PURPLE PUR 113
73 Yvonne Elliman I Can't Explain   PURPLE PUR 114
73 Carol Hunter Look Out Cleveland PURPLE PUR 115
73 Hard Stuff   Inside your life   PURPLE PUR 116
74 Deep Purple Might Just Take Your Life  PURPLE PUR 117
74 ELF  L.A. 59  PURPLE PUR 118
74 Gnasher  Medina Road  PURPLE PUR 119
74 Marlon   Let's Go To The Disco  PURPLE PUR 120
74 Tony Ashton And Jon Lord  We're Gonna Make It  PURPLE PUR 121
74 The Count   Gazaroody   PURPLE PUR 122
74 Michael Des Barres Leon PURPLE PUR 123
74 Reflections   Love And Affection  PURPLE PUR 124
74 Roger Glover And Guests Love Is All  PURPLE PUR 125
75 Brutus Payroll PURPLE PUR 126
75 Reflections   Moon Power   PURPLE PUR 127
75 Roger Glover and Guests, John Lawton, Ronnie James Dio Little Chalk Blue  PURPLE PUR 128
75 Deep Purple You Keep On Moving / Dealer PURPLE PUR 129
75 Deep Purple You Keep On Moving / Love Child  PURPLE PUR 130
76 Jon Lord Bourée   PURPLE PUR 131
77 Deep Purple Smoke On The Water / Woman From Tokyo / Child In Time  PURPLE PUR 132
77 David Coverdale Hole In The Sky  PURPLE PUR 133
77 Tucky Buzzard Gold Medallions   PURPLE PUR 134
77 Deep Purple New Live & Rare (EP)  PURPLE PUR 135
78 David Coverdale Breakdown   PURPLE PUR 136
78 Deep Purple New Live & Rare Vol 2 (EP)  PURPLE PUR 137
2012 Deep Purple Smoke On The Water - 40th Anniversary Record PURPLE PURRSD 138
2012 Deep Purple Encore: Lucille   PURPLE PUR 139

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