Independent label: Punk Records was a one-off label from B&C records.  Punk's only release was a parody of the genre, 'Punky Christmas', by Matt Black & The Doodlebugs (BCS-0005), which came out in December 1976.  The band went on to release an EP on Irate Records. Distributed By B&C Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Nicky Scott Pasadena B & C  BCS 0001
76 Love Apples  Yours  B & C  BCS 0002
76 Lenska Rula I Wanna Be In A Movie With You B & C  BCS 0003
77 Newman Nanette  Fun Food Factory  B & C  BCS 0004
77 Black Matt & The Doodlebugs Punk Xmas PUNK  BCS 0005

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