Independent label: Public Records was fomed in 1979. Its first appearance in November 1979, with a Punk / New Wave single, Urban Gypsy's, 'Japanese Girls' (PUB-001).  The company issued at least six singles in 1979-83, with distribution by Spartan; the one shown is a slice of '80s Rock 'n' Roll, while PUB-005 was the interestingly-titled, 'Naked Robots Watching Breakfast Television', by ex-Nirvana man Patrick Campbell-Lyons.  A couple of singles by the Roy Harper Band, 'No One Gets Out Alive', came out on a Public label in 1982. Distributed By Spartan Records. Public Recordings Former Address: 51 Gas Street Birmingham B1 2JX. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Urbane Gypsy Japanese Girls PUBLIC PUB 001
80 M.I.5 Alright On The Night PUBLIC PUB 002
80 50:50. Let Me Out Of Here PUBLIC PUB 003
80 Rocky Terraine & Valiants Big Rock Country Mountain PUBLIC PUB 004
80 Patrick Campbell-Lyons Naked Robots Watching Breakfast Television PUBLIC PUB 005

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