Independent label: Psycho Records issued several Punk singles but also ventured into other areas of music.  Its first release, The Majors', 'Spookey Stomp' (P-2601; 5/78), was a funky sort of thing, and Pop band Stavely Makepeace, under the alias of Heavy Cochran, had a couple of rude singles out on the label, while the singles by Devina and by the Foundations are apparently sought-after by Northern Soul collectors.  Simon Cohen produced several of the singles; if, as seems highly probable, the record company borrowed its name from the first parts of his name, it's a good bet that it was his company.  Psycho survived until at least the summer of 1979, issued more than a dozen singles, and changed label designs at P-2614, the question mark shrinking and migrating to the top of the label.   Distribution of some of the early singles was by Lugton / H. R. Taylor; Spartan took over that job in mid '78.  The discography below contains several gaps, which may be down to the missing numbers not being used. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Majors Stooky Stop PSYCHO P 2601
78 Devina Could This Be Love / Could This Be Love (Part 2) PSYCHO P 2602
78 Foundations Closer To Loving You PSYCHO P 2603
78 Limmie Saturday Night's The Night / Party PSYCHO P 2604
78 Mac Kissoon Friday Night / We've Come To The End Of The World PSYCHO P 2605
78 Not Traced PSYCHO P 2606
78 Jimmy Jones Help Me Make It Through The Night (Comedy Version) PSYCHO P 2607
78 Incredible Kidda Band Everybody Knows PSYCHO  P 2608
78 Gareth Evans Down In The Valley PSYCHO  P 2609
78 Patsy Sylva Charivari (You Gotta Keep Laughin') PSYCHO  P 2610
78 Cochran Heavy I'Ve Got Big Balls PSYCHO  P 2611
78 Not Traced PSYCHO  P 2612
78 Not Traced PSYCHO  P 2613
78 Platters Only You PSYCHO  P 2614
79 Plague In Love PSYCHO  P 2615
79 Not Traced PSYCHO  P 2616
79 Not Traced PSYCHO  P 2617
79 Not Traced PSYCHO  P 2618
79 Heavy Cochran I've Got A Little Prick (Of Conscience) PSYCHO  P 2619
79 Killermeters Why Should It Happen To Me PSYCHO P 2620

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