Independent label: Promus International Records was the record arm of Len Carrington's 'Production Music' firm.  Production Music was started in 1973 or thereabouts, and it specialized in sheet music for schools and choirs. He set up the record company, Promus International, and that it intended to issue a series of EPs of middle-of-the-road material.  The first release, which was due on the 17th, was a Jubilee EP by the Wimbledon Girls Choir; it featured the tracks 'Ring Out The Bells Of Jubilee', 'God Save The Queen', 'This World Belongs To Everyone' and 'O Lovely Peace', and it had a catalogue number of M-771.  The cost of the EP was 1 plus VAT, and it was currently being distributed by Promus themselves, though a distribution deal with a major was being sought.  A Christmas single by the Choir, 'The Happiness Of Christmas Day' b/w 'Love Is Caring', was released that same year but on a plain SRT custom recording label with an SRT catalogue number; it did however have a Promus International matrix number, M-772, and a credit to the company on the label, so I feel moderately justified in classing it as a Promus International release.  The Choir were also due to feature on a future EP with the Oyten Junior Choir from Germany, but there's no trace of it.  The 'Music Week' article quotes a company spokesman as saying "We started Promus International because we feel that there will be a demand for the records that we will be releasing."  Sadly, however, there's nothing on the internet about any Promus International records, not even the Jubilee EP, so presumably demand wasn't as great as anticipated and the venture was short-lived. Distributed By Promus International Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Wimbledon Girls Choir Jubilee EP  PROMUS INTERNATIONAL M 771
78 Wimbledon Girls Choir The Happiness Of Christmas Day' b/w 'Love Is Caring PROMUS INTERNATIONAL M 772

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