Independent label: Profile Records was the label of Profile Recording Studios, of Wheathampstead, St. Albans.  Profile was run by Steve Kendall and was the successor to his 'Clementswood', 'Capri' and 'Roundabout' labels.  It operated from 1973 to 1980, and issued more than seventy records, which were numbered in a GMOR-100 (or sometimes GMOR-000) series.  The few examples that I have seen featured Christian music of the Folkier sort.  The company appears to have concentrated on LPs, most of which are collectable nowadays, but it managed at least two EPs, the Various Artists EP shown above (GMOR-129; 1976) and one by the Broadcast Outsiders, 'A.B.O.E.P.' (GMOR-154; 1978).  It also issued at least one EP on a Welsh-language version of the label, Cernlun. Distributed By Profile Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Reality Folk  Reality Folk (Album)  PROFILE GMOR 001
74 Allan Shiers The Man In Me (Album) PROFILE GMOR 002
74 Alison & Jill Alison & Jill (Album) PROFILE GMOR 003
74 Reality Folk Let Our Love Be A Light (Album) PROFILE GMOR 004
75 Ken Scott Angela (Album) PROFILE GMOR 005
76 Aslan Paws For Thought (Album) PROFILE GMOR 006
74 Cyfeillion Crist Llawenhewch Yn Yr Arglwydd CERNLUN GMOR 012
74 Cyfeillion Crist Llawenhewch Yn Yr Arglwydd CERNLUN GMOR 112
74 Father Brown One Side Of Father Brown (Album) PROFILE GMOR 114
76 Heaven Bound Testimony Song PROFILE GMOR 129
77 Gill Colin & Desmond History Of Love (Album)  PROFILE GMOR 142
77 Stuart & Sandy Cave Dawn On Sunday (Album)  PROFILE GMOR 143
77 Aslan Second Helpings (Album) PROFILE GMOR 144
77 Trinity House Flashback Through History (Album) PROFILE GMOR 146
78 Sapphire Sapphire (Album) PROFILE GMOR 153
78 The Broadside Outcasts A.B.O.E.P.  PROFILE GMOR 154
78 Gill Hargreaves, Colin, Desmond & David  Refreshment (Album)  PROFILE GMOR 158
78 Waiting For The Sun Waiting For The Sun (Album) PROFILE GMOR 167
79 Gill Hargreaves Open Our Eyes (Album) PROFILE GMOR 168
79 Various Artists  This Side Of The River (Album)  PROFILE GMOR 169
80 Gill Hargreaves The Gift (Album)   PROFILE GMOR 172

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