Independent American label based in Detroi: Prodigal Records owner at that time was ex-Motown director Barney Ales. The label first saw the light of day in late 1974.  It was purchased by Motown in 1976, after which it operated as a continuation of that company's Rare Earth label.  It does not appear to have survived into 1980.  In Britain, Pre-Motown product was licenced to London; the company's logo, featuring two bulls, was featured on the standard London label.  In the Motown era the Prodigal label itself was redesigned, and Prodigal records were issued here on that new label from 1976-78, using a PROD-0 numerical series.  In common with the parent company's other labels, it was manufactured and distributed by EMI.  It never troubled the compilers of the British Singles Chart, though Charlene's 'I've Never Been To Me' (PROD-4; 1977) was a hit when it was reissued on Motown (TMG-1260) in 1982. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Dunn & Rubini Diggin' It PRODIGAL PROD 1
77 Charlene It Ain'T Easy Comin' Down PRODIGAL PROD 2
77 Cordell Phil Back In Your Arms Again PRODIGAL PROD 3
77 Charlene I'Ve Never Been To Me PRODIGAL PROD 4
77 Graffiti Orchestra Star Wars Theme PRODIGAL PROD 5
77 Cordell Phil Doin' The Best I Can PRODIGAL PROD 6
77 Rare Earth Is Your Teacher Cool PRODIGAL PROD 7
78 Fresh Just How Does It Feel PRODIGAL PROD 8
78 Rare Earth Warm Ride PRODIGAL PROD 9
79 Stoney &? Meatloaf What You See Is What You Get PRODIGAL PROD 10

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