Independent American label: Probe Records was a subsidiary of ABC / Dunhill Records. It lasted from 1968 to 1970 in the USA, and was devoted to Psychedelic Rock.  In Britain its musical scope was somewhat broader, and its lifespan was from 1970 to 1974.  Over here Dunhill recordings had appeared on EMI's Stateside label, previous to the advent of Probe; distribution of the new label continued to be through EMI.  Probe closed down in 1974 when its parent company started issuing records in Britain on the ABC label proper.  It kept the same basic label design throughout its existence but went through two different colour schemes: an early pink one and a late fawn one, the change-over coming in May 1973 at around PRO-591.  The perimeter text changed slightly in September of that same year, a reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 10 o'clock being replaced by one to 'EMI Records'; PRO-603 was the first single to have the changed text.  The difference can be seen by comparing the two fawn-coloured labels above, the demo being in the new style.  Numbering for Probe singles was in the PRO-500s, which eventually evolved into the 600s.  The label enjoyed four British Chart successes: Three Dog Night's, 'Joy To The World' (PRO-523) got into the Top Thirty in 1971, and the Four Tops scored in 1972 with 'Keeper Of The Castle' (PRO-575) and in 1973 with 'Sweet Understanding Love' (PRO-604); the biggest hit was 'Hey Girl Don't Bother Me', by The Tams (PRO-532), which, in 1971, gave Probe its only Number One.  Probe had a short-lived 'Golden Oldies' label, Probe Goldies. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Bush I Can Here You Calling PROBE PRO 501
70 James Gang Funk 49 PROBE PRO 502
70 Grass Roots Come On And Say It PROBE PRO 503
70 Freedom Frustrated Woman PROBE PRO 504
70 Steely Dan Do It Again  PROBE PRO 505
70 Roe Tommy Gonna Keep Rolling Along PROBE PRO 506
70 Country Coalition Age Of Angels PROBE PRO 507
70 Smith Comin' Back To Me PROBE PRO 508
70 Atlee Rip You Up PROBE PRO 509
70 Steppenwolf Who Needs Ya PROBE PRO 510
70 Three Dog Night One Man Band PROBE PRO 511
71 Elliot Cass Mama Good Times Are Comin' PROBE PRO 512
71 Mason Dave & Cass Elliot Something To Make You Happy PROBE PRO 513
71 Lancelot Like Sha-La I Love You PROBE PRO 514
71 Grass Roots Temptation Eyes PROBE PRO 515
71 King B.B. Chains And Things PROBE PRO 516
71 Roe Tommy Little Miss Goody Two Shoes PROBE PRO 517
71 Barry John Theme From The Last Valley PROBE PRO 518
71 Elliot Cass Mama Easy Come Easy Go PROBE PRO 519
71 Rhodes Emmitt Emitt Fresh As A Daisy PROBE PRO 520
71 Arkade Morning Of Our Lives PROBE PRO 521
71 Blues Magoos Can'T Get Enough Of You PROBE PRO 522
71 Three Dog Night Joy To The World PROBE PRO 523
71 Charles Ray Don'T Change On Me PROBE PRO 524
71 Steppenwolf Snowblind PROBE PRO 525
71 Witherspoon Jimmy Handbags And Gladrags PROBE PRO 526
71 Roe Tommy Greatest Love PROBE PRO 527
71 King B.B. Ask Me No Questions PROBE PRO 528
71 Rhodes Emmitt Emitt With My Face On The Floor PROBE PRO 529
71 Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds Funk-In-Wagnal PROBE PRO 530
71 Love'S Children Soul Is Love PROBE PRO 531
71 Tams What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am PROBE PRO 532
71 James Gang Walk Away PROBE PRO 533
71 Steppenwolf Ride With Me PROBE PRO 534
72 Mccormack Gayle Gonna Be Alright Now PROBE PRO 535
71 Three Dog Night Liar PROBE PRO 536
71 Elliot Mama Cass One Way Ticket PROBE PRO 537
71 Roe Tommy  Back Streets And Alleys PROBE PRO 538
72 Charles Ray The Long And Winding Road PROBE PRO 539
71 Harris Richard Why Did You Leave Me PROBE PRO 540
71 Robinson Andrea Fire And Rain PROBE PRO 541
71 Tams Lugh It Off PROBE PRO 542
72 Mccormick Gayle It'S A Crying Shame PROBE PRO 543
71 Steppenwolf For Ladies Only PROBE PRO 544
71 Mccormick Gayle It'S A Cryin' Shame PROBE PRO 545
71 King B.B. Ain'T Nobody At Home PROBE PRO 546
71 Haskell Jimmie William Tell Overture PROBE PRO 547
71 Three Dog Night An Old Fashioned Love Song PROBE PRO 548
72 Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds Daisy Mae PROBE PRO 549
72 Cherokee Girl I'Ve Got News For You PROBE PRO 550
72 Holman Eddie Lonely Girl PROBE PRO 551
72 Mamas & Papas Shooting Star PROBE PRO 552
72 Grass Roots Two Divided By Love PROBE PRO 553
72 Three Dog Night Never Been To Spain PROBE PRO 554
72 Roe Tommy We Can Make Music PROBE PRO 555
72 Sapphires Gotta Have Your Love PROBE PRO 556
72 Hamiltom Joe Franks & Reynilds One Good Woman PROBE PRO 557
72 Kay John I'M Movin' On PROBE PRO 558
72 Houston Thelma Jumpin' Jack Flash PROBE PRO 559
72 Three Dog Night Never Dreamed You'D Leave In Summer PROBE PRO 560
72 Grass Roots Glory Bound PROBE PRO 561
72 Steely Dan Dallas PROBE PRO 562
72 Gladstone Piece Of Paper PROBE PRO 563
72 Lambert Dennis Dream On PROBE PRO 564
72 Rhodes Emmitt Tame The Lion PROBE PRO 565
72 Charles Ray Look What They Done To My Song PROBE PRO 566
72 Gregory Don Soul Line PROBE PRO 567
72 Gladstone Marietta Station PROBE PRO 568
72 Grass Roots Runaway PROBE PRO 569
72 Four Tops All The Broken Children PROBE PRO 570
72 Steppenwolf Monster PROBE PRO 571
72 Three Dog Night Tulsa Turnaround PROBE PRO 572
72 King B B Summer In The City PROBE PRO 573
72 Birtha Tuesday PROBE PRO 574
72 Four Tops Keeper Of The Castle PROBE PRO 575
72 Cashman & West American City Suite PROBE PRO 576
73 Steely Dan Do It Again PROBE PRO 577
73 Cashman & West Song Man PROBE PRO 578
73 Four Tops I Think I Must Be Dreaming PROBE PRO 579
73 Porter Nolan If I Could Only Be Sure PROBE PRO 580
73 Harris Richard How I Spent My Summer PROBE PRO 581
73 Shakers [ Us ] One Wonderful Moment PROBE PRO 582
73 Grass Roots Love Is What You Make It PROBE PRO 583
73 Impressions People Get Ready PROBE PRO 584
73 Mann Charles Say You Love Me To PROBE PRO 585
73 Four Tops Ain'T No Woman PROBE PRO 586
73 Steely Dan Reelin' In The Years PROBE PRO 587
73 Tams  Don'T You Just Know It PROBE PRO 588
73 Bartha My Man Told Me PROBE PRO 589
73 Minnelli Liza Maybe This Time PROBE PRO 590
73 St James William Here PROBE PRO 591
73 Three Dog Night Our B Side PROBE PRO 592
73 Kay John Moonshine PROBE PRO 593
73 Houston Thelma Save The Country PROBE PRO 594
73 Jackson Chuck I Only Get The Feeling PROBE PRO 595
73 Four Tops Are You Man Enough PROBE PRO 596
73 Tribe Koke PROBE PRO 597
73 Bertha Dirty Work PROBE PRO 598
73 Cashman & West King Of Rock And Roll PROBE PRO 599
73 Walsh Joe Rocky Mountain Way PROBE PRO 600
73 Kay John Easy Evil PROBE PRO 601
73 Steely Dan Show Biz Kids PROBE PRO 602
73 King B.B. To Know You Is To Love You PROBE PRO 603
73 Four Tops Sweet Understanding Love PROBE PRO 604
73 Sonama Love For You PROBE PRO 605
73 Steely Dan My Old School PROBE PRO 606
73 Three Dog Night Storybook Feeling PROBE PRO 607
74 Austin Patti Music To My Heart PROBE PRO 608
74 Sapphires Slow Fizz PROBE PRO 609
74 Not Issued PROBE PRO 610
74 Walsh Joe Meadows PROBE PRO 611
74 Four Tops Am I My Brother'S Keeper PROBE PRO 612
74 King B.B. I Like To Live The Love PROBE PRO 613
74 Donaldson Bo & Heywoods Deeper And Deeper PROBE PRO 614
74 Wright Bobby Live And Let Live PROBE PRO 615
74 Orleans If PROBE PRO 616
74 Jackson Chuck I Can'T Break Away PROBE PRO 617
74 Dozier Lamont Trying To Hold On To My Woman PROBE PRO 618
74 Cashman & West Is It Raining In New York City PROBE PRO 619
74 Three Dog Night Show Must Go On PROBE PRO 620
74 Four Tops One Chain Don'T Make No Prison PROBE PRO 621
74 Steely Dan Rikki Don'T Lose That Number PROBE PRO 622
71 The Hollies You Know The Score PROBE SPSR 340

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