Preston Guild Merchant 1972 Records. Is one of those cases where a label doesn't seem to have a name as such and I've had to give it an identifier.  In 1972 Preston Corporation sponsored a single by Tulketh Folk with the Revival Steel Band as part of the week-long celebrations for the Preston Guild Merchant festival.  The single offered 'Guild Calypso' on the 'A' side and 'The Pollution Song' on the 'B'.  It was made through Deroy Records of Carnforth, and it had a catalogue number of DER-765.  By the time of the next Guild Merchant festival, 1992 (they take place every twenty years), the 7" single had practically disappeared, so it's safe to assume that this single was a one-off. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Tulketh Folk And The Revival Steel Band Preston Guild Merchant 1972 PRESTON GUILD MERCHANT 1972 DER 785

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