Independent Reggae label: Pressure Beat Records was part of the Trojan group. And was the successor to the Amalgamated label, and like Amalgamated, it featured Joe Gibbs productions.  There were thirteen issues, in a PB-5500 series.  The first eight came out in 1970, then there was a gap of a year, remainder being issued in 1972-73.  The very last single, 'Money In My Pocket' by Joe Gibbs & The Professionals (PB-5513; 1973) can be found in one of Trojan's cheaper (but dull) all-purpose plain designs, as well as in the usual  green-and-white one. Distributed By Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Niney Honey No Money PRESSURE BEAT PB 5501
70 Willis Lloyd  Mad Rooster PRESSURE BEAT PB 5502
70 Reggae Boys Walk By Day Fly By Night PRESSURE BEAT PB 5503
70 Gibbs Joe & The Destroyers News Flash PRESSURE BEAT PB 5504
70 Destroyers Pressure Tonic PRESSURE BEAT PB 5505
70 Sir Lord Comic Jack Of My Trade PRESSURE BEAT PB 5506
70 Lord Comic Jack Of My Trade PRESSURE BEAT PB 5507
70 Alcapone Dennis  Ten Foot Tall PRESSURE BEAT PB 5508
72 Tosh Peter Them A Fe Get A Beatin PRESSURE BEAT PB 5509
72 Flip Bonny  Shanky Dog PRESSURE BEAT PB 5510
72 Nicky & Cat Hammering PRESSURE BEAT PB 5511
72 Ford Eddy  Your Wrong Fe Trouble Joshua PRESSURE BEAT PB 5512
72 Brown Dennis  Money In My Pocket PRESSURE BEAT PB 5513
72 Gibbs Joe All Stars  Tipatone PRESSURE BEAT PB 5514
73 Little Johnny Jones More Dub PRESSURE BEAT PB 5515

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