Pressit Records was a DIY label. And appears to have been owned by orchestra leader Robert Mandell; at least, the few records that I have been able to trace on the label have been by him, usually in combination with the Melanchrino Strings.  Singles and albums shared the same LC-770 numbering; there were at least six of them, and they came out sporadically between 1977 and 1984.  Pressing of the single shown was by Lyntone; it appears to be the only 7" record from the '70s, though another one, 'The Lord Is My Shepherd' (LC-774) was issued in 1982.   The fact that the children's choir came from Leicester suggests that Pressit may also have come from there. Distributed By Pressit Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Robert Mandell With The Melachrino Strings & Orchestra Oliver (Album) PRESSIT LC 771
79 Robert Mandell And His Leicester Children'S Choir Sing A Song PRESSIT LC 772
79 Robert Mandell Stardust(Album) PRESSIT LC 773
83 Robert Mandell  Lord Is My Shepherd PRESSIT LC 774
84 Robert Mandell Melachrino Strings Gershwin And Kern Gala (Album) PRESSIT LC 775
85 Robert Mandell Melachrino Strings  Romantic Serenade (Album) PRESSIT LC 776

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