Independent label from Dundee: Premier Records. The 'Premier' of the label's name refers to the Scottish Premier League, and its first release was by the Dundee United First Team Squad, 'It's United'.  The song was written by one A. McFarlane and the record was produced by him, so it seems a fair bet that he was the man behind the label.  The reverse of the disc featured excerpts from 'Lichty Nichts Omnibus' by Davie Phillips.  The catalogue number was PREM-1, and the year of release 1979.  Fans had to wait until 1983 for the second Premier single, 'The Champions' by The Die Hards (PREM-2).  Dundee United qualified for the European Cup in 1984 and made it to the semi-final, which appears to have prompted a re-release of the first single on a new label - 'Dundee United Football Team' - and with a new catalogue number, CPS-076.  United lost to Roma in the semi-final, but it was later revealed that the referee had been bribed by representatives of the Roma side. Distributed By Dundee United  Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Dundee United First Team Squad It's United PREMIER PREM 1
83 The Die Hards The Champions PREMIER PREM 2

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