Independent American label: Portrait Records was a sister-label to Epic, and thus part of the CBS group.  Portrait started out in 1976, but despite enjoying success in the States with records by Burton Cummings, Heart and Joan Baez, it was put on hold in 1980.  It made a comeback as a New Wave / Alternative Music label  in 1983, and found new big-sellers in Cyndi Lauper and (for the USA only) Sade.  By the end of 1986 Portrait was dormant again; it was to make several more comebacks over the years, as a vehicle for Contemporary Jazz (1988-90), Jazz collections (1992), and Hard Rock / Metal (1999-2002).  It was always more prominent in the States than over here; it failed to make any impact at all on the British Singles Chart until Cyndi Lauper came along in 1984.  In the '70s the label's British singles had a S PRT prefix; they shared a numbering block with the other CBS-family singles.  The multicoloured label, appears to have been used just for that particular single. Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Burton Cummings Stand Tall PORTAIT S PRT  4690
77 Burton Cummings I'm Scared PORTAIT S PRT  5149
77 Heart Barracuda  PORTAIT S PRT  5402
77 Joan Baez I'm Blowin' Away / Luba, The Baroness PORTAIT S PRT  5442
77 Burton Cummings Never Had A Lady Before PORTAIT S PRT  5490
77 Burton Cummings My Own Way To Rock / A Song For Him ? PORTAIT S PRT  5567
77 Heart Love Alive PORTAIT S PRT  5570
77 Heart Kick It Out  PORTAIT S PRT  5591
77 Heart Little Queen  PORTAIT S PRT  5751
77 Joan Baez Time Rag  PORTAIT S PRT  5759
78 The McCrarys You  PORTAIT S PRT  6436
78 Burton Cummings Break It To Them Gently   PORTAIT S PRT  6571
78 Burton Cummings When A Man Loves A Woman PORTAIT S PRT  6655
78 Dragon April Sun In Cuba   PORTAIT S PRT  6699
78 Heart Straight On / Lighter Touch  PORTAIT S PRT  6704
79 Heart Dog & Butterfly  PORTAIT S PRT  7183
79 Frannie Golde Here I Go Fallin' In Love Again / Tell Me What's Goin' On  PORTAIT S PRT  7754
79 20/20 Cheri / Backyard Guys  PORTAIT S PRT  8035

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