Independent label: Poplets Records is a debatable one in that 'Poplets' may well have been the title of the record rather than the label, but I need an identifier and it's the best one going.  Poplets's only release was an EP of very short songs for children, written by Winifred Williams and sung by Barry Alexander, who wrote most of the music for them; I assume that Barry also provided the accompaniment, which consists of a sole acoustic guitar.  It's actually rather appealing in a simple 'Now We Are Six' kind of way.  The record was produced by the Francis House Day Nursery, of Paddington, whose address can just about be seen, rubber stamped, on the sleeve.  The catalogue number, CP-2599, indicates a Decca custom pressing (see the Decca Custom Pressing page).  There's no year on the label but happily there was one on CPX-2606: it was 1972, which means that we can date this to 1971-72 with a degree of confidence. Distributed By Poplets Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Barry Alexander Poplets (Ep) POPLETS CP 2599

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