Independent label from Scotland: Pop Aural Records was run by Bob Last, after his former label Fast Product closed down. Pop Aural, often written as Pop:Aural, had about 15 releases, mostly 7" singles.  Most of Pop Aural's product came out in the early 1980s, but its first single, the Flowers', 'Confessions' (POP-1), appeared in November 1979. Distributed By Pop Aural Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Flowers Confessions POP AURAL POP 001
80 Boots For Dancing Boots For Dancing POP AURAL POP 002
80 Flowers The Ballad Of Miss Demeanour POP AURAL POP 003
80 Drinking Electricity Shaking All Over POP AURAL POP 004
80 Drinking Electricity Shake Some Action POP AURAL POP 005
80 Boots For Dancing The Rain Song POP AURAL POP 006
80 Restricted Code From The Top POP AURAL POP 007
80 Drinking Electricity Cruising Missiles POP AURAL POP 008
81 Restricted Code Love To Meet You POP AURAL POP 009
81 Fire Engines Candy Skin POP AURAL POP 010
81 Marching Girls True Love POP AURAL POP 011
81 Callis Jo Woah Yeah POP AURAL POP 012
81 Fire Engines Big Gold Dream POP AURAL POP 013

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