Independent Irish label: Poor Genius Records was a Northern Irish label, based in Portrush. Poor Genius Records was started in the mid-1974 by David Hammond and James Simmons. It issued three records, all of them by poet James Simmons.  'Resistance Cabaret' (PG-1001) and 'Love In The Post' (PG-1002) were LPs, but there was also a single, 'The Ballad Of Claudy' (PGS-1001). All three records were released in 1976. The poem Balad of Claudy By James Simmons, was written in 1974 and is a tribute to the victims of the “Claudy Boombing”. It is believed that the IRA (Irish Republican Army) was behind the attack although they have always denied any part in the bombing. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 James Simmons The Ballad Of Claudy  POOR GENIUS PGS 1001

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