Independent label: Pontins Records belonging to the holiday camp company.  Pontins seems to have released at least three records, 'Thumbs Up - Book Early' by Frankie Woods.  Its catalogue number, SRTS/78/CUS-139 shows that it was made in 1978 by custom recording concern SRT.  Both sides are Jazz / Ragtimey - the 'B' is called 'Ragtime Girl Of Mine' - with George Formby overtones.  Apparently 'Thumbs Up - Book Early' was an advertising slogan used by Pontin's at the time.  Pontin's put out at least two other single, 'The Crocodile Song' by Captain Croc (SRTS/83/CUS-1845), which came out in 1983 and 1989 on the Pontin's Crocodile Club label. Distributed by Pontin's Holidays. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Frankie Woods Thumbs Up - Book Early PONTIN'S SRTS 78 CUS 139
83 Captain Croc The Crocodile Song / Disco Crocodile PONTIN'S SRTS83CUS 1845
89 Captain Croc The Crocodile Song PONTIN'S No Cat Number

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