Polydor 'Steppin' Out' Records. Singles were aimed at the Disco / Dance market, they were mainly American in origin, and they were all issued during the last seven months of 1979.  The first two had numbers in the main Polydor POSP-0 series, but starting with Tamiko Jones's 'Can't Live Without Your Love' they were given an STEP-000 series of their own - the '00' at the start of the numbers was soon dropped - and a streamlined new logo.  The sleeve kept the old logo.  One of the singles in the STEP-0 series came out on the 'Pablo Today' label.  Records by the Olympic Runners, Wayne Henderson and Gloria Gaynor - 'Let Me Know' - all entered the Charts but none of them broke into the Top 30. Distributed By Polydor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Roxy Roller I Need A Holiday POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' POSP 060
79 Olympic Runners The Bitch POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' POSP 063
79 Tamiko Jones Can't Live Without Your Love POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' STEP 001
79 James Brown Star Generation POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' STEP 002
79 Paulinho Da Costa Deja Vu PABLO TODAY STEP 3
79 Isaac Hayes DonīT Let Go POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' STEP 4
79 Gloria Gaynor Let Me Know POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' STEP 5
79 Roy Ayers Don't Stop The Feeling POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' STEP 6
79 Wayne Henderson Dancin' Love Affair POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' STEP 7
79 Gloria Gaynor Tonight POLYDOR 'STEPPIN' OUT' STEP 8

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