Independent label: Pogo Records was a label from the Punk / New Wave era, owned by Ron Lee, of Lee Sound Studios, Pelsall.  Pogo blotted its copybook to a certain extent by following two singles by the Suburban Studs with a couple of novelty records by Julie & Gordon - supposedly the two subjects of Jilted John's 1978 hit single, 'Jilted John'.  The company's first single, the Studs' 'Questions' b/w 'No Faith' (POG-001; 1977) was picked up by WEA, flipped and reissued, the WEA version of 'No Faith' being without the horn section.  WEA continued to distribute the rest of Pogo's product; they may well have hoped for something with a bit more street-cred than 'J-J-Julie. Distributed By WEA Records. The Suburban Studs were a punk rock band formed in Birmingham in 1976. Vocals, guitar - Eddy Zipps Guitar - Keith Owen Bass - Paul Morton
Drums - Steve Poole. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Suburban Studs No Faith POGO POG 001
78 Suburban Studs I Hate School POGO POG 002
78 Julie & Gordon Gordon'S Not A Moron POGO POG 003
79 Julie & Gordon J-J-Julie (Yippee Yula) POGO POG 004
79 Duck & Dive On Your Bike POGO POG 005

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