Independent Reggae label: PM Records was run by Pauline Morrison on behalf of Lee Perry.  PM issued at least two 7" and two 12" singles, all of them in 1978.  The 7" ones were Jah Lion's 'White Belly Rat' (PMS-002) and 'Sons Of Slaves' by J. (Junior) Delgado (PMS-003).   Numbering was in a PMS-000 series. The labels claim that the records were made in Jamaica, but apparently they were British. Distributed By PM Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced PM P.M.S.  001
78 Jah Lion  White Belly Rat  PM P.M.S.  002
78 Delgado J.  Sons Of Slaves  PM P.M.S.  003

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