Independent label: Plus 8 Records was from the second half of the '70s, Plus 8 was a product of Ron Lee's Lee Sound Recording Studios, of Pelsall, near Cannock, Staffordshire.   I doubt very much that Lee Sound actually issued records, as such; Plus 8 looks suspiciously like one of those labels which were put on private pressings, in limited quantities, for people - Folk singers, Club and Cabaret performers - who wanted them.  A listen to the tracks on the Lee Wilson EPs tends to confirm this suspicion.  The earliest record in this series was an album on a label called 'Rainbow' label, and two of the next three were on the 'Chrillimac' label, which suggests that Lee Sound tried a few different names before setting on 'Plus 8'.  Albums and singles shared the same PE-100 (or possibly PE-111) numbering.  Records on Plus 8 are very uncommon, as might be expected. Pressing was by Lyntone.  PE-118 was apparently a reissue of Great Western DM-003: it has that matrix number in the run-off, scratched out. Distributed By Plus 8 Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Tony Rome Loving And Losing (Album)  RAINBOW PE 111
77 Delta Dawn Givin' It To You (Album)  CHRILLIMAC PE 112
77 Not Issued PLUS 8 PE 113
77 Andy Feet Where Is Feet (Album)  CHRILLIMAC PE 114
77 Lee Wilson  Lee Wilson (EP) PLUS 8 PE 115
77 Richard Greening And Peter King Lichfield Cathedral Organ (Album) PLUS 8 PE 116
77 Fairfield Folk Fairfield Folk (Album)  PLUS 8 PE 117
77 Lee Wilson  Lee Wilson Sings PLUS 8 PE 118
78 Jon Cavell May I Sing To You PLUS 8 PE 119
78 Solihull School Chapel Choir Messiah (Album) PLUS 8 PE 120

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