Playboy Records was a DIY Reggae label. It managed at least one single. It issued singles in an PB-0000 numerical series. though it had a Jamaican counterpart which may have been more prolific.  'There's An Island' b/w 'Version' by Baby Bertie came out in 1975 with a catalogue number of PB-1000; it was produced by Bertie Chin and pressed by small independent manufacturers C.H. Rumble.  An earlier Baby Bertie single, 'A Walking Miracle', had appeared the previous year on the Harry J label here, as HJ-6686, but on Playboy in Jamaica.  That too was produced by Bertie Chin, so it seems a reasonable guess that Playboy was his. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Baby Bertie There's An Island PLAYBOY PB 1000

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