Independent label: Plastic Fantastic Records was started by John Rush and Paul Rodriguez. Plastic Fantastic label itself were three others: Ultra, for 'black' music; Blue Bag, for Jazz; and Marquee, for contemporary Rock.  Ultra Records proved moderately prolific, and Blue Bag, which appears to have been album-only, managed at least four releases, but Marquee seems not to have got off the ground.  Plastic Fantastic seems to have operated from 1977 to 1979.  In addition to Ultra and Black Bag it had a number of subsidiaries, or at least of labels which it marketed, all of which had catalogue numbers with a PF or PFU prefix: these were Aries, Blackbury, Free Range, Lorelei No. 1, Manic, MHG, Pearl, Sabanoh International, Soul Breakers, Stag, T and P, Umbrella, and Warm Records.  Manufacture and distribution of the Plastic Fantastic family of labels was by Pye initially; later Spartan took over distribution.  The discography below covers all of the company's various labels apart from JA-UK, which only issued 12" singles. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Thornton Eddie Soularize PLASTIC FANTASTIC PF 001
77 Chris Barber Ice Cream (Recorded In Koln, 1976) ULTRA PF 002
77 Norman Percival Norman Percival Plays Party Pieces' PLASTIC FANTASTIC PF 003
78 Flaky Pastry I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate PLASTIC FANTASTIC PF 004
78 Red Lights Never Wanna Leave FREE RANGE PF 005
78 Dean Wyman When It'S Over STAG PF 007
78 Ranking Super Star Wisdom D-ROY PF 008
78 Tyrone David Mind Blowing Decisions D-ROY PF 009
78 Graham Mcleod That'S Alright PLASTIC FANTASTIC PF 010
78 Vince Taylor & His Playboys I'Ll Be Your Hero T AND P PFE 1
78 Blue Screaming Bland Hotel ALBATROSS PF 031
79 Kim Tracey Love Me  FREE RANGE PF 51
79 The Homosexuals Hearts In Exile LORELEI NO 1 PFE 151
78 Howden's Hot Shots Ice Cream ULTRA PF 201
77 Flick Wilson / Alty's Rockers Rocking Chair / The Selassie Shuffle ULTRA PFU 1001
77 Joe White Give And Take (On Both Sides) ULTRA PFU 1002
77 Flick Wilson Keep The Troubles Down ULTRA PFU 1003
77 Smokey 007 One Hundred Pounds Of Clay ULTRA PFU 1004
78 Everand Thompson Babylon Hustle Me ULTRA PFU 1005
78 Vision Waiting Game ULTRA PFU 1006
78 Masokoloko Fire Baby SABANOH INTERNATIONAL PFU 1007
79 Goodtime Band Baad Goodtime Band UMBRELLA PFU 1401
78 Red Kelly Money In Your Pocket MANIC PFU 1801
78 Al Campbell Ease Up / I Will Follow You MANIC PFU 1802
78 Soul Rebels Sweet Sensation MANIC PFU 1803
78 Not Traced MANIC PFU 1804
78 Militant Barry Pistol Boy  MANIC PFU 1805
78 The Doley Brothers & Blue Wonders  Freedom SOUL BREAKERS PFU 3001
78 Blue Wonders Rosie / Tilly SOUL BREAKERS PFU 3002
78 James Ashbey This Song (Ain't For Dancing) BLACKBURY PFU 5001
78 The Spectrum  Funky Christmas BLACKBURY PFU 5002
78 Jah Stich Combination Three ? ARIES  PFUS 6000
78 Bogart Black Casablanca ULTRA PFU 7001
78 Horace Faith Rich Man Poor Man ULTRA PFU 7501
78 Tito Simon Things Will Get Better PEARL PFU 8000
78 The Liberators Enemies Are Coming PEARL PFU 8001
78 The Fred Banana Combo No Destination Blues WARM PF 9001

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